Dear ex girlfriend,


  • bus myself to you when I didn’t have a car
  • bought us food when we both didn’t have a job
  • let your parents hate me for no reason just for us to stay together
  • sacrificed all the hangout time just for you to finish school
  • supported and helped you through previous semesters in school (might not be good at it lol)
  • let you be the first to call me anytime instead of having that privilege to call you whenever I want
  • took the heat from the person who’s car you hit and stalled enough time for you to pay him off
  • took you back 1, 2, many times and still loved you the same way
  • texted you good morning and goodnight knowing you were probably too busy to do the same
  • explained to my friends why my gf was never there with me when we were all hanging out

but hey, I was just

  • a mean jerk who always yelled at you for not having enough time for me to see or talk to you 
  • a cheap broke ass who always relied on you to pay for our food every time we see each other
  • an asshole who kept breaking up with you 

there may be a lot more than you could think of. i guess what i learned from this relationship is that, recent events could easily replaced the old ones. people tend to forget where we came from. how we ended up here? 

but don’t worry, i’m ready to be marked an asshole EX-boyfriend amongst your friends and family. 

-good day.

ps: i really hope you read this post.

The past few days have been really tough. Thankfully I have my nephew in town to keep me distracted. He’s celebrating his 2nd birthday today. Don’t grow up too fast Aidan. Stay small forever. Lol. 😭😭😭